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Friday, January 04, 2013

a new linky! Fitness Fridays!

Those precious gifts in the pic above...they are why i've changed my diet.  They are why I work out.  They are why i strive to keep my health...b/c they need me. I am their mother, their momma, their mommy.  I am needed here...and so I must continue.

Since I started trying desperately, in October, I've lost a pant size.  I've stopped looking at the scale, and with MM, have started cutting back carbs.  Even with the holidays, i'm still a pant size lower than when i started.

so this linky...this is support.  for mothers everywhere...who are needed.  blog about what you want for your fitness goals, and link up here!  every friday, i'll have up a linky for us to share in each others goals.  I'd love to know your goals...and i'm going to post mine so you can keep me accountable!

My short term goal is to lose another pant size by april.  I'm not putting a pound limit to it...just a pant size!

so link up, what are your goals?

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