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Friday, September 07, 2012

Day 4, Thursday

We slept LATE! Swimming wears us out! Decided toay was the day for hiking. Went on the smallest of hikes. CM fell and hurt her hand. V and her short legs had a hard time up the hills. CG fell in the river and hurt her pride b/c daddy laughted at her! MM found me a nice walking stick. Came in uqite handy for the hills...which, to a deep south girl, were more like mountains.

Went back and fixed a picnic lunch...drove to the mountain top for a picinic/sightseeing/photo op. Stopped on the road for a photo op too...check out these mountains.

Had our picnic, took lots of pics...imagine that! Decided after our pics and picnic to head to town for a couple grocery items and to do laundry. Four loads later we were on our way back up the mountain. We put away the groceries and headed out to the lake. We fished a bit (fishing with little girls is an exercise in futility). Sent MM off in my boat again, then took the girls back to the cabin for some mommy/daughters time and dinner. Dined well, after putting some aside for MM, then shower time.

Picked MM up just before dark at the lake...he caught more fish! AR helped him clean the fish...AJ and I played Phase 10. AR and MM go tomorrow to fish...if they catch a few, we'll have an incredible fish fry!

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