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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Day 3 Wednesday

Woke up to a cereal breakfast. We all got dressed and went to the pond. The three big girls fished with dad while the two lil girls played in the sand/dirt. I got in my new boat and relaxed on the lake! Tried to get out of the lil boat...turned into a Laurel and Hardy comedy moment...boat tried to slide out from under my feet, so I got myself righted....just to have it slip out and me fall into the river...that water was cold!

Came back from the lake without dad. Dad stayed in my boat on the lake to fish. The gils and I went back to the cabin and changed for the pool. We swam for about 3.5 hours. Went to find dad to make lunch, but couldn't see him on the lake. We went back to the cabin without him and had lunch. Made dad a lunch, got our things gathered, and went to find dad so we could all go sweiming. Found him onl the lake, complete with four fish! 2 catfish, 2 small brim....a fish fry in my future! So, rather than swim, we went back to the cabin to clean fish. Great learning experience fo the girls...gutting and cleaning fish. Wish i'd have gotten some pictures!

Fish all done....time for swimming! After about an hour, the thunder started...so out we get! Bak to the cabin...again...so mom could shower! Girls played outside before the rain...but once it started raining I brought them all in. one by one we all showered...so refreshing. MM had to smear aloe all over my shoulders...stupid sunburn! (yes I used sunscreen, but obviously not enough!)

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