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Monday, September 19, 2011

surprise giveaway!

hey ya'll. I'm in the process of changing things...shakin things up a lil bit. so, from now until next Monday...September 26, I'd like to find some followers. so between now and then, you lovely readers encourage those you know that would enjoy reading my blog to join via google connect in the sidebar here, friend me on fb, or find me on twitter. Have them leave me a msg here including your name. a different message for each will get you more entries. I'll choose a winner next monday...the Prize is custom made by Gen's Gifts. Who ever wins will get to choose a prize ya'll!


Miranda said...

So I decided to follow you via Google Connect as well as Networked Blogs. Sometimes I miss posts because my feed is so big, I figured this would give me 2 chances to catch you. :)

I am not posting to be in your competition because I won a bag from you in the past already, so that wouldn't be fair. :) I am just posting to say 'G'day!".

Becky DeMent said...

hi i'm here! i love you , pick me! lol i 'liked" your page......i try to always read it when you update :)