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Friday, September 23, 2011

pasta alfredo for the lactose intolerant..

man are things fun around here. we've taken CM off of dairy...due to chronic tummy aches. while it's helped tremendously, it hasn't completely removed the tummy aches. but, they are much less intense and less frequent, so i consider it a win!

now, the problem is how to make mac and cheese. lol yeah....so last night i made itlian sausage alfredo. delish. made it with almond milk...we have a new love. le sigh...what's that? you say Gen, where's the recipe? ah...thought you'd never ask. i only wish i'd taken pics!

Dairy free italian sausage alfredo
1 pack italian turkey sausage
almond milk
salt, pepper to taste
onion and garlic to taste

First, cut sausage out of the casing, brown sausage. using oil and flour, make a light roux. using milk, make white sauce. add salt, pepper, onion and garlic to taste. yum!

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