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Monday, August 08, 2011

Not back to school bloghop!

so, Heart of the Matter online is doing their anual not back to school blog hop! This week is show us your school room. so, without further ado, check this out...no judgement!

This is mommy's desk. Little girl workbooks go here when they are ready to be "graded". That is in quotes b/c i don't so much grade as correct and reinstruct. lol. Also here is my computer where i check big girl work.

This is where we start our morning. We do the calendar and review our sign language here. We review the weather as well.

This is the homeschool cabinet. The coloring books are on the left. the drawers in the middle have colors, markers, stickers, and stamps. On the right are notebooks. there are five of them. the two big girls have writing assignments daily. Miss V colors while the smalls do their work. the smalls can color in their notebooks too.

This shelf is also in the homeschool cabinet. the gray notebook is CGs work. the books on the right are for CMs. The three pink boxes...one is for pencils, one for colored pencils, and one for colors. the other box has scissors and glue sticks...that sort of thing.

This is the rest of our books. it's a mess for now b/c miss v loves to read!

Not sure you can see this...but on the windows are clings...some alphabet, some money. This is the last of what we do before we separate...we all do this together. they seem to enjoy it...even miss v gets in on the action.


Jenni said...

I love messy bookshelves because it means my kids are enjoying reading! No judgement here- thanks for sharing your space with us! Blessings to your homeschool.

Anonymous said...

I love that you have five girls! I have four girls and expecting girl #5 in December. Thanks for sharing! :)