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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final day of August

Anyone else find it hard to believe that September is upon us? September is a relatively busy month for us...personally as well as extracurricularly. SCA functions tend to pick up about now...it's just plain too hot before now...actually, now it's too hot too...but we do it anyway...oh for the love of our medieval stuff. :) So it's started...This past weekend was the first of many through December. I had a lovely time...despite the heat! MM won the archery tourney. I got a sprained ankle. ha!

So, coming up would be...in this order:
AJ's slumber party
Aj's birthday
My birthday
Kingdom Live Weapons
Kingdom A&s
Celebration Reunion
Miss V's birthday

that's as far as my mind can remember. ugh. busy busy busy. i have no time to celebrate my birthday...guess i won't get older this year. can i do that?

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