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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update of sorts...

Hey ya'll.  I've been reading blogs faithfully, just havent' posted in a while...been busy I suppose.  So a lil update...this week i was laid up for two days, thanks to RA and FMS!  Hate me some fibro ya'll!  However, yesterday I felt much better...so I washed like, four loads of dishes by hand...who knew i'd enjoy dishes?!?  Then, I tackled my hall closet!  It was a disaster...i found an unopened pack of tp buried in there!  what a disaster!!!  So, in my bloggy mind, I figured you all would want to feel better by seeing my shame...so here is the proof.

note the stuff....well, stuffed in the back corner...a disaster!  This dresser houses stuff...like sheets for all the twin beds in my house, and the children's pillow cases...as well as screws and nails and hooks and things...and the bottom drawer has gift bags in it.

Now the after:
note that corner now!  I can find toilet paper once again...SUCCESS!  the red bag has gift bags in it that are too big for the drawer!...the hanging basket has the accessories for my hand held steam cleaner and my cleaning rags.

the sheets on top of the dresser are top sheets.  most of my girls don't use them, but the two bigger girls are getting to the point of using them...and there is just no room!  so my next step is to get a box for under the bed to put gift bags in, and the top sheets will go in the bottom drawer.  the blue thing is a beach style bag with a small cooler in the bottom...love that thing!

so yeah, i was busy yesterday.  it took nearly all day to do this...but i have to take lots of breaks b/c of the fms and ra...so it's done and i'm happy...stay tuned for more...today i'll prolly work on the cabinet with the tupperware in it!

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Briana said...

Good job!

I have to confess that when I was decluttering I threw away all of the gift bags I was saving to reuse. I didn't have the room for them since I lost my storage room. I'm keeping a few rolls of wrapping paper under my bed instead.

Don't you love the results of all your hard work? It almost makes the work worth it.