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Friday, January 21, 2011

pop art pixies from CRAYOLA! and a giveaway!

So i was contacted by crayola to try test and review their "Pop Art Pixies" line of arts/crafts.  My two big girls were to excited by this endeavor ya'll...you should have been here!  Pop Art Pixies is geared to the "tween" age.  Now personally, I don't care for the terms "tween", "tweenager", or "teenager" for that matter.  However, in reality, they are in between the teen years and the little girl years...so there you have it.  (yes, i'll rant on those three words in a later post, promise!)

So, I reiceved 7 pop art pixie boxes from Crayola....for two children.  The excitement building...lol.  I started looking over these boxes, and it is so cool ya'll!  I even took pictures...you are welcome!

 AJ working on her plate that she made for Grandmama.  finished pic later in post...
 Painting varnish onto the pics...
 AR puts together a plate for MeMaw...
 WHAT?!?  We gave them scissors?!?
 Big scissors at that!
 Look Ma!  I can too paint!
working together on a plate for mom...

Wait....we get to paint?!?
and sticker?
The lamp was so cute!!!
AR is proud of her bento style stationary box...it's so cute!
A birdhouse windchime for mommy!

AJ gets a water bottle all her own...and she painted a monkey on it!
I know!  Cute right?

Mommy's plate!

So, I was provided with all this for my children's enjoyment through BlogSpark.  Hasbro actually provided the crafts.  Now, they will give one of my readers' children a chance at this fun as well.  To enter:

Follow my blog (1 entry)
Tweet or FB about with a link to this post (1 entry per post, leave separate comments)
Follow Crayola on FB or twitter (1 entry)

Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry!  I'll choose a winner in one week, and Hasbro/Crayola/Pop Art Pixies will send you your prize!  good luck ya'll!


MortonFamily said...

FUN FUN! I gave my niece the bento box... my step daughter and I are super jealous! :)

Karin said...

Looks like they had fun! I wish I could've done stuff like that when I was a kid.