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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i'm back...

and had a wonderful time. :) until, of course, the ride home...so i'm an hour away from home, and need gas. i go into this little town for gas, and there are these rail tracks...we bounced so hard over them that i busted my transmission fluid pan! we had to get my dh to come pick us up, and have a tow truck come to tow my van home...oh man, not a fun check to write there!

we're fine, and the part will be in on thursday he thinks. so great vacation...you know coming home is always the worst part of vacation anyway. :D


Sunflower said...

Oh Gen, that's not a fun way to end a great time :(...

I know what you mean about going to Grandma's--- I get to rest at my Mum's, too lol. But we do try to help out a lot while we are there.

Generally though a vacation of any type for me is not really vacation---it's just changing my job to another setting.

Sombra said...

hmm, I'd never dream of letting my MIL have to cook for my huge family.. we always bring groceries. They eat out so often, even when we're there, that there's little food in the house to feed us.

However, I miss them terribly, they're way back in Montreal.. sigh. - and I haven't had my family into my mother's apartment in...... over 10-12 years now. Her place is just too small for us. We always meet at a park, or she comes to my MIL's house to visit us there.. I miss her too.