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Monday, August 21, 2006

busy life, busy me!

i enjoy my busy life...you might laugh by the end of this, but it's true, i enjoy it!

I have four little girls...the oldest is almost 6, youngest will be 7 months on the 31st of august! it's needless to say that i'm busy...but we offered to keep a friends son...he's 10 wks younger than our youngest. I'm a nanny. :) it's interesting....this little boy is so easy to get along with. He just sorta fell right into our routine, making easy on nanny, and she's grateful believe me! the babies like to eat together....my big girls love to feed them, so it works out.

of course, having 5 children all day means i have to get better organized! i've been working on it for a week, and it's getting better...sorta. i do have a meal menu for the week now, that helps! if i can get my cleaning on schedule, i'll be doing great. :)

my three big girls share a bedroom. i have two twin beds in there....they love sharing sleeping space with each other. i think today is the day to teach my 5 yo dd how to change her sheets...she's big enough i hope! i think on our new schedule, monday will be sheet changing day.

oh so much going on...and top it off with homeschooling. we'll start school after labor day...my big girls are excited! I am a little excited too to be honest! I'll have a first grader this year, should be interesting.

well, time to finish up breakfast and clear away the dishes...so much work, so many great helpers! i enjoy my busy life....hey, stop that laughing, i really enjoy it!

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