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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You have no right to be rude to large family moms!

so...there is a train of thought that five children makes a large family...and another that says five makes a small family.  I get comments...mostly ignorant comments....all the time about the size of my family.  one man, a stranger in wal mart mind you, asked me if i knew what condoms were for?!?  none the less, i was tagged in this photo on fb:

now, i know the person tagging me thinks this if funny.  he also found it hilarious when his wife, upon finding out I had five girls, responded with "good grief woman, its a va*ina, not a clown car!"

i laughed when she said...b/c i was horrified and rendered speechless.  many jokes since them have been made on my behalf.  I try very hard to be polite, laugh it off.  but enough is enough.  this is the epitome of RUDE and unacceptable.  first off, even if you don't want six children, *I* do...and it's none of your business.  I didn't ask for your opinions or your help with said children...so put your nose on your face rather than in my business.

what's worse is that occasionally these comments come in front of my children.  i can't tell you how often i've heard "better you than me!"  now, i respond with "that's true., much better me than you"

so those of you who don't understand large families, or disagree with large families, remember that we could be rude to you as you are us...but we aren't.  momma shoulda taught you better, bless your hearts.


Lori Poppinga said...

I have always wondered why people think they have permission to comment on my birth control habits...or lack thereof...but not the other way around. Ah well. Ignorance is rampant these days.
When people ask if I know what causes that? I respond with, "Yes, and we like it!" :)
Keep up the God work.

Nikki said...

I would unfriend that person or send them a very informative message ...