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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

morrow mountain day two...

after our crazy start, we decided to check in with the park staff and get our swimming passes since we got in so late.  they told us about the natural park history museum...very cool place!  decided to run to twon quickly for a fishing licensce and coffee....came back with an inflatable canoe...fun for momma!!!

before the run to town we explored the park a bit...drove up the mountain, took lots of pics, and made plans for other pics. :D

once we got back, we went swimming!  the girls enjoyed that...after swimming, we came back to the cabin for some dinner and relaxation!  MM started the grill, and i started the sides.  mm sent CM on an outing within eyesight of the cabin.  CM still got lost. :(  She wandered off and a kindly couple found her.  Thank you Lord, I taught the child how to react if she was ever lost.  Once she got back to me, she said she cried and was afraid, but prayed out loud that God would help her find her mommy and her daddy.  Then she asked a deer (who was close enough to touch) if she'd seen mommy or daddy...the deer didn't answer.  God sent His answer in the forfrm of a kind set of strangers, who picked her up and brought her back to me.  after i calmed her down, i cried myself....i'm tearing up just typing this out.

we enjoyed our dinner, and thanked God for HIS grace in seeing CM returned safely.  Then we reminded the girls that this is why its so important to do as we are instructed.  if CM had done what MM asked, she'd never have gotten lost...

we played a couple of board games and sent the girls to bed with movies....more tomorrow...

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