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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

lovely weekend...and now life is back.

This weekend we took the crew canoeing.  yes.  me, mm, all five girls...two canoes, one kayak, one HECK of an adventure!

All the above pics are courtesy of my friends April and Steve from Kungaloosh potography!

Now, i truly think canoeing would be fun...but i found it a bit overwhelming with five children...I think MM and I will go without the children to see what it's like...

course, after a saturday like this...monday comes around and it's business as usual here on our lil one acre farm...see?  These pics are mine. :)

AR and I put away 11 bags...we're freezing the tomatoes...when they are all done, we'll defrost them to can them...then i only have one day of canning and messiness! lol.

what's going on for you guys this summer?

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