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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mother's day...

Mother's day. Every year, so many thoughts...including the thoughts of "dangit mm, take the children shopping for mother's day!"...ha!

So, this mother's day, here are my thoughts.

This is my mom with miss v. My mom had lots goin when I was young. I'm sure I didn't make it any easier! My mom was a nurse, a chauffeur, and a sounding board. She gave good advice, and still does. For my young life, I wanted to be just like mom. For my teenage years, my mom was crazy, and my friend...now that I have children of my own, my mom is my confidant and my go-to person on raising girls!

This is AJ.

She is the girl that made me a mommy. It's tough stuff to be the first born child. I know, b/c for many years i was one. Much of the responsibility falls on her. She handles it with a great deal of grace and humility...for 10 years old. :) She wants to be a wife when she grows up...which makes me proud!

This is AR.

She tests me daily. I'm afraid some days that I fail those tests over and over again. She makes me proud to be a mom too...she wants to be a mom and a chiropractor when she grows up.

This is CM.

She is growing up way to fast for my tastes! She is so smart, and so very funny! She tells me about once a week how she misses Penelope, her twin sister that died when they were born. She is such a blessing in my life...and any other life she touches!

This is CG.

She is such a mess. She was my easiest birth. She loved being the baby for a long time...and now loves being a big sister!

This is Miss V.

Miss V is my baby girl. what can i say...this child has pushed me to my limits. She's been to the ER, she burned her hand...she's a disaster waiting to happen! I wouldn't trade her for all the rice in China either. :)

This is MM.

He made me the Queen when he proposed...and now, I'm blessed to be called mommy by our children. just call me the queen mum!

Here I'd like to insert a family pic...but we don't have one! I think for Mother's day, we'll have to snap one!

Ah, Mother's day. Love Mother's day. Know what I want for mother's day? I want a sweeper. a sword. throwing knives. and a cast iron two burner griddle. oh, and a bike. but i have an anniversary coming up...so some of that can go there too. :)

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