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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

diet go down the hole.

done with the diet. it did jump start the weight loss. I've been working out consistently now for about two months. i'm still not seeing the weight fall off, but it's a slow process. :) i do, however, feel really good about working out. not because it makes me feel better, but b/c i know it makes my dh happy. i'm a people pleaser i guess. :D

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Sunflower said...

I don't want to sound overly-simplistic. Just sharing what I know worked amazingly for my Mom. She never felt deprived, and allowed herself a day a week where she ate whatever she wanted and refused to kick herself for it (not part of the program but it helped her stay on track lol).
Weight Watchers. Not my bag, but it worked for her. She lost over a couple of years something like 30-35 lbs and has kept it off, like I said, not feeling deprived.
I know it's tough with having to pay to join and stuff, but it really worked for her and she has tons of energy now...