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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

seems like i'm getting in a post or two a month.

I'm tired. I'm feeling better than I've felt in quite a while though. I've been on the candida diet, and though miserable, it does help wiht the forgetfullness i've been experiencing since january of this year! i enjoy cooking too much to enjoy this diet, but it's not a diet to stay on forever anyway.

I tried a new type of flour this morning in the biscuits. Pelt flour....makes for incredibly hardy biscuits. they were yummy./ :D who knew? apparently white and wheat flour aren't good for the candida diet, but the pelt flour is less processed, and alright for this diet...my dh and i were so glad to be able to eat biscuits and gravy that we drooled this morning i believe!

I've been taking care of my friend's son now for two months. hard to believe! He's a precious baby, but today he wanted none of nanny...he wanted mommy. so she took the rest of the day off to care for him herself. I think they were both relieved to tell the truth. He was happy as soon as she took him...and she looked relieved as well. I know she must ache when she leaves him here everyday...so a day off will do them both well i believe.

I praise God for everyday that i am blessed with the chance to help her with her boy....but i praise God more that she WANTS to be with him.

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